The Call to Action


Our Roadmap for Social Inclusion:
Walking as One for an Inclusive Society

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On 16th February 2018 the Irish Government launched a public consultation to inform the drafting of a new National Action Plan for Social Inclusion, our National End Poverty Strategy. This Plan, a new Roadmap for Social Inclusion, could be launched by July 2019.

We – citizens, workers, leaders, managers, carers, parents, activists and professionals in organisation – are ready to support our leaders to design the best social inclusion plan ever.

In 2018, we marked special anniversaries, inspired by the “End Poverty” pledge of Joseph Wresinski: “To come together is our solemn duty,” inspired also by the “Make Poverty History” legacies of Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela,

In 2019, to “be the Generation which will make poverty history”, we all need to own this plan: to know the goals and own them.

Making the new Irish Anti-Poverty Plan the best ever

Together we wish to take part in a strong participatory process to make the new Irish Anti-Poverty Plan the best ever.


Those who live with poverty and social exclusion deserve it. They also should have the opportunity help develop this new plan.
And when the plan is in place they should be able to play their part to ensure it is implemented.

“I have a role to play and I support this call to action and would like to be involve in the design, implementation and monitoring of our common plan!”

Before August 1st 2019,
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